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Who are you Martin?

I am in my 50s, married and the father of two amazing daughters who have now left the family nest.

I have been working in the Digital world for over 30 years. I started my career in IT with the beginnings of digital imaging accompanying the emergence of Windows and the Mac. I saw the arrival of all photo-video editing tools like Photoshop and others. I have always had a passion for these tools.

How would you describe yourself?

Positive, emphatic and creative by nature, I am someone who enjoys creating a caring and light atmosphere during the photo sessions. I like to create an atmosphere of trust and exchange allowing each model to feel at its ease. I like to be carried by our creative spontaneity which will allow us to give free rein to our ideas of shots.

I like to joke and I don't take myself (too) seriously ...

I am also a pragmatic and serious person in my professional approach. I have to know my subject before I commit to anything; a perfectionist side and a requirement with myself maybe...

How did you come to photography?

I started photography in 2000 with landscape photos that I take during my travels and hikes. The photo has become a pretext to go and see unique places, especially in National Parks and the Utah desert in the western United States (see Evasiography). I no longer know if I go to these places for the passion of photography, or for the pleasure of being alone in the middle of nowhere ... Perhaps the two are intimately linked ....

I then became passionate about waterdrop photography which requires a good dose of patience due to the random and stealthy degree of this exercise (see Fluigraphy). I can spend hours shooting the waterdrops. It is an exercise which requires thoroughness and precision. I practice this photography mainly in the winter when it's dark early outside and I'm toasty warm in my house ...

Why portrait photography?

I decided to start with people photography to combine my creativity with the need for connection with people that emerged following the 2020 and 2021 lockdowns. I invested in this photo practice during the last lockdowns. I discovered a profession that fascinates me: nothing pleases me more during a photo shoot than to be 100% committed to you and building a great shot. I like to give confidence to my models during the sessions, I like to feel them at ease and to see them proud of their image in the photo.

One of my first models who has been acquainted for a long time made this remark to me which deeply marked me: "I saw you alive, engaged, passionate".

Thank you for reading these few lines. I enjoyed sharing a bit of myself with you.

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Looking forward to reading your words.