About me


I practice photography when traveling, during my vacation, or during walks near my home. I let myself be inspired by my feelings when I am in front of an extraordinary natural spectacle. Nothing pleases me more than being in the middle of nature, in wild places, or in the great outdoors like the American West.

The quote below could not better reflect my feelings in front of this spectacle that Mother Nature offers us:

It is not the beauty of the world that amazes Man; what amazes him is to be alive in order to be able to admire it

I am committed to sharing my emotion in front of these natural spaces. I try to share the majesty of the place, the dazzle that these natural spaces inspire in me. I try to show the beauty of these places from the moment you pay attention to them and take a close look. I do not seek to ignore or minimize the impact of man on the spaces that surround us, I simply seek to highlight their beauty with the aim of eliminating as much as possible the human presence.

Another style of photography that fascinates me is the photography of water drops. I can spend hours there during the winter season. I love the complexity, and the random nature of this art. The same technical setup can give so many different results that it is very difficult to predict the quality of the result. I happened to throw a whole series simply because no result would satisfy me. I have evolved over the course of my work. I no longer seek to produce the famous mushroom of the collision, but to produce forms which excite the imagination of the spectator, which make him dream ...

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